Leadership Action – How to Turn Your Ship Around and Achieve Oscar Level Success: JJ Cummings Guest on No Way Out Podcast

Thanks to my friend and fellow F-14 Tomcat alumni Brian “Ponch” Rivera for the opportunity to talk about leadership on his No Way Out Podcast.

I have known Ponch for decades. We had the great pleasure of being F-14 Tomcat instructors in Fighter Squadron 101, The Grim Reapers, in the early 2000-ish timeframe. “Ponch” is a great podcast interviewer, and we had a few laughs completing this spirited and informative pod.

Some topics that we covered include:

  • Leading in conditions of uncertainty
  • Building exceptional teams
  • Actions, not words: SHOW THEM YOU CARE
  • Nuclear Navy. Regular Navy. Fighter Aviation.
  • You are NEVER mission-less
  • Lead by walking around not by being on Outlook
  • Plan-Brief-Execute-Debrief (PBED): Focus on the D
  • TOPGUN Maverick started on my couch
  • Leadership lessons from the making of TOPGUN Maverick

Hope you enjoy and please send me any feedback you have. I have thick skin, so do not hesitate to be brutally honest with your feedback.

Keep showing them you care.