John on the deck of a ship

I’m In The Game!

I just retired from the United States Navy after 32 years of flying fighters, driving big ships, and leading thousands of Sailors in high risk environments. It was a privilege to work alongside and learn from the finest young men and women our Nation has to offer.

The purpose of this blog is straight-forward: I want to share leadership lessons I’ve learned from three decades of naval service and, more importantly, share how I turned my mistakes in opportunities.

Over the last decade, I’ve watched some Navy leaders — in some cases peers or friends of mine — fail to demonstrate the basics of leadership, and as a result unwittingly create a command environment that fostered frustration within the ranks. Upon hearing from members of these commands, I became frustrated and sometimes astonished to learn that these leaders were not using simple principles that, in my opinion, would improve the morale and performance of the people they were charged to lead.

Leadership isn’t easy, but it can be simple, if basic and empathetic principles are honored. While on active duty, I tried to do every day I was in command.

I take great pride in my ability to NOT overthink situations. I strive for simplicity in decision-making and leadership actions. So stay tuned and allow me the opportunity to offer my unique perspective on leadership that can help you become a more dynamic, caring, and transparent leader.

We can make a difference!